I'm a seller

What is my property worth?

An agent from our office will run a preliminary property valuation based on specs available on public record of your property. You will receive this within 24 hours. This is just a start- to receive a full CMA (comparative market analysis), an agent will need to discuss further and visit the property to fully compare subject property to comparable properties- but this is still more accurate typically than a "Zestimate" or other online sources that simply take the average values in an area.

What are the benefits of listing?

Why list your home/property with Selling ADK?

  • All listings are run through the MLS to ensure that buyers and agents everywhere can see your listing.


  • Our signs are designed to be highly visible and easy to read, some include solar lights or are reflective, and have QR codes that link directly to our website or a virtual walk through of your home on smart phones!


  • Our office is right in the middle of popular tourist area Lake George Village. We get a LOT of walk-by traffic where your listing can be advertised on our storefront.


  • All of our listings link to an extensive Internet presence. We are set up to link our listings to around 80 sites in addition to the staple sites that already pull from the MLS like Realtor.com, Zillow, and Trulia.


  • Our office is committed to a large social media presence, a great new stream of influence for marketing and highly effective in reaching an audience. Advertising dollars are spent locally, but also targeting “Downstate NY”, NYC, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania where many of our buyers come from. Social media blasts receive around 1000 impressions daily- LOTS of exposure.


  • We take our time when taking photos. We believe that good honest photos that show the home as realistic as possible have the best results with buyers. For luxury properties, or for any clients who desire professional photos, we have access to great photographers, along with drone shots (will hire at request). We are cautious that the photos we use to market your home put the property in its best light to attract buyers, but also not overexaggerate space.


  • We are thorough in what we upload to the MLS, making sure other selling agents have full access to all of the information that they should be presenting to a buyer including both school and town/county tax bills, tax and aerial maps showing property lines, deed, any rules/regulations of associations if applicable, and all disclosures required by the DOS readily available so a buyer’s agent has all they need off the bat and can submit a competent offer.


  • All agents in this office are trained directly by Broker/Owner Anna (Annie) Bennett to operate by the procedures she has set to ensure this office is professional, thorough, and fair. Success in selling real estate is highly dependent on good communication, attention to details, energy put forth, organization, and knowledge- these are absolute pre-requisites to being a Selling ADK agent. All agents are Realtors who are held to the upmost ethical standards in the industry.